Automotive workshop equipment

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      Our storage equipment range:
- corresponds to the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC
    - manufactured according to ISO 9001: 2008
- CE certified

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Description of the Automotive workshop equipment ​

Whether for workshops, production halls, construction sites or installers - you have a large selection of tools and hydraulic equipment available directly from the manufacturer at competitive prices.
In our online shop you will also find hydraulic presses and cranes, bottle lifters and stamp lifters, rack jacks and jacks.

Hydraulic bottle lifters

The bottle lifters are a perfect addition to the basic equipment of a workshop, car service or construction site. Our range includes elevators with various technical parameters (including a load capacity from 10 to 30 tons), so you can easily find a model that suits your needs.

The advantages of the offered hydraulic bottle lifters are: low weight and compact, handy design. They are perfect for working with cars, trucks, and buses. The device is easy to handle and lift, and easy to store when not in use.

We only sell safe, fully tested devices with trouble-free operation and the possibility of long service life. Many of TOR-Industries' existing customers have already experienced their quality and reliability. All of our hydraulic cylinders are subject to the manufacturer's guarantee.

The advantage of our products is also the low prices and fast delivery.

In addition to other elevators available in our range, there are also crank rail elevators with a solid structure.

Crank clamp:

Solid construction
user friendliness
Lift a load with minimal force
The crank tensioner is equipped with a mechanism that allows you to move and lift a load / weight without turning the crank completely.


We offer reliable and functional jacks. The main function of these devices is to lift loads, including vehicles with high chassis and agricultural machinery. Farmer Jack can be used to pull ropes and as a clamp. This device can be useful in a farm and household, on a construction site, and while driving a car.

Our range includes only durable, reliable devices with excellent technical parameters and at competitive prices. Farm lifts bought from us will certainly serve you for a long time and work properly and according to your expectations. The sockets can be used on different types of soil.

All the jacks we offer are made of the highest quality materials and are characterized by a solid, well thought-out structure, functionality and ease of use.

We offer lifting equipment in a variety of sizes that make it easy to find a model that suits the needs of you and your farm.

We also sell other models of hoists, including bottle lifts for auto repair shops.