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Description of the STRETCH category

Pallets are wrapped with foil to bundle and fix individual packages on a pallet to form a unit.
This secures the pallet load by preventing individual boxes and goods from slipping and falling out.

Securing the load with stretch film
Stretching a pallet with stretch film is one of the most common, efficient and stable methods of securing goods on pallets
A distinction is made between hand stretch film, which is attached to the pallet by hand, and machine stretch film for automated wrapping
The following is important with hand stretch film: you have to master the wrapping techniques correctly in order to use the full (stretch) potential of the stretch film
If the stretch film is not fully stretched or the goods are not properly wrapped, the goods can be damaged during transport or the load can slip off the pallet
If the stretch film is applied correctly, this means a sustainable reduction in material costs in the warehouse

Advantages of a stretch film
the film saves time and money
efficient and effective at the same time
the extensibility ensures that the palletized products solidify on the pallet when they are stretched
the stretch film protects the products from moisture, sun rays and the weather