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EPAL 6 half pallet
Länge: 800 mm
Breite: 600 mm
Höhe: 144 mm
Tragfähigkeit: 500 kg
19.93 USD
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
EPAL 7 half pallet
22.28 USD
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Description of the STANDARD PALLETS category

Pallets are the most widely used substructures for handling loads and storing them on shelves. The standard pallets enable the simultaneous handling of a large number of goods and thus lead to more efficient processes in storage and transport.
European countries, for example, mostly use standardized EPAL pallets.

The palette is very popular all over the world today. Last but not least, it owes this to its pronounced practicality as well as its stable and robust construction, which is advantageous not only for shipping but also for long-term storage of goods and other cargo.
The standard dimensions of the EUR-EPAL pallets offer many advantages. Overall, they contribute to a safe and economical transport chain.

The individual advantages are:

optimal use of the loading area,
perfect dimensions for storage racks,
easy to maneuver thanks to the 4-way system (forklifts, stackers and pallet trucks can grab the load carrier from all four sides),
internationally recognized and usable,
reliable load capacity,
reliable loading area,
recyclable or exchangeable via the pallet pool,
Avoidance of additional transport routes through a pool solution,
Easily sold or recycled as standard sizes.
Only through the standardized dimensions and the sufficient exchange pool do these load carriers develop their full advantages. These are so convincing that the Euro pallet is the ideal choice for national transport and for trade with most EU countries.

About the EPAL system ...

The Euro pallet has been on a safe triumph for more than 50 years. To this day, the EPAL pallet, like the lattice box that came onto the market only 30 years ago, is indispensable for national and international cargo transport. More than 600 million EPAL Euro pallets and 20 million EPAL lattice boxes are in circulation and form the basis for the world's largest pallet exchange system that has ever established itself between users in the supply chain.

The functionality of the exchange system is ensured by the omnipresence of EPAL products. Almost every goods recipient in Europe to whom a loaded EPAL load carrier is delivered has a corresponding empty load carrier available for exchange.
The effort for reloading is completely eliminated.

In order to permanently optimize the exchange process, the EPAL system supports those involved with practical recommendations for action.