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FEFCO 0711
from 0.68 USD
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
PROFI-BOX standard boxes with automatic bottom
Automatic bottom transport packaging
from 1.09 USD
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TOP-UP LID CARTON S4 305 x 215 x 100/100 mm
Internal dimensions: 305 x 215 x 100/100 mm
Quality: 1.20 E.
0.73 USD
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Description of the category AUTOMATIC CARTONS, erecting cardboard, FEFCO 0711

Not only good employees are required for efficient operation, but also appropriate equipment.
Automatic boxes are a great solution to speed up shipping workflows.
Automatic boxes are particularly suitable for frequent shippers.
Automatic boxes are usually made from conventional corrugated cardboard.
This is mainly due to the fact that the boxes end up performing more than one function.
Even though practicality and efficiency have played an important role in the design of this packaging, it must also have the properties of standard shipping boxes.
Above all, this includes transport safety and the protection of sensitive goods.
Automatic boxes must also be stable and must not be easy to compress.
They must stack well and be stored on either side without being damaged.
Since the bottom of automatic boxes closes automatically, they can be filled with the goods quickly and conveniently and sent on the way to dispatch.