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Dimensions: (1250/850 x 1250/850) 4,200 mm x 100 m
1 slit in the middle
Color: transparent
Thickness: 150 my
from 213.55 USD
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Description of the category "Shrink wrap & accessories":

What are these shrink films and what makes them special? Films that contract strongly under the influence of heat are called shrink films. They are particularly efficient because they nestle tightly around the packaged goods, ideally protecting storage and transport goods. Biaxial and monoaxial shrink films, which differ in the direction in which the films deform, are available industrially.

Monoaxial films shrink on one side; Biaxial films shrink on both sides. These two options exist because different products have very different packaging requirements. Biaxial shrinkage is particularly recommended when a packaged product is to be stabilized and is more uniform. Since both sides shrink, the packaged goods are optimally held in the middle and in position. Other packaged goods only need a one-sided shrink seam because they are already very solid, stable or long enough.

The possibilities of shrink films

There are many types of material with remarkable options, so that the right film can be selected for each product. Pallets, which together with cartons (and the goods contained therein) form a voluminous transport unit, are often covered with shrink hoods made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This hood, which is made of shrink film, is strong and robust, so that it can secure even very heavy loads (examples: tiles, stones) and pack extremely effectively.

However, many shrink films are made from polyethylene (PE) or polyolefin (PO). PE film is very popular because it feels thick, is easy to process and still remains soft. If it is desired that the film wraps around the packaged goods tightly and brilliantly - as with a barely perceptible jacket made of transparent material - PVC or PO films are required that are significantly thinner. PO films are made up of several layers (coextrusion of PP and PE).

PE films are used more for the first-class bundling of goods (examples: flat display with nut cream in glasses; 3-pack with jam glasses; beverage shrink film around PET bottles in 6-pack). PE films optimally group goods together because they are not so soft and pliable, less easy to pierce and also easy to weld. PO films, on the other hand, remain significantly more elastic even after shrinking. Since PO films are brilliant and flawlessly clear, products that are intended for end consumers can often be packed with them (examples: cosmetics, food). The shrink film thus fulfills an important advertising function: the goods can be presented in a high-quality and sales-promoting manner (further examples: sealing film for a bowl with apples or vegetables; sealing film for a CD or a book).

Choosing the right shrink film

PO films are on the market in very different qualities. The degree of shrinkage (gentle, normal, strong) is an important diversifying characteristic.

- The feel (soft or strong impression; smooth, half-blunt, blunt),
- the optics (very strong shine, strong transparency) as well
- special properties (cold resistance, food safety) or
- Processing options (high-speed machine, automation) must be taken into account when selecting the suitable PO film.

So PO films are partly versatile, partly very specific, where necessary to distinguish them further, for example by micro-perforation or UV protection. The perforation ensures a better escape of air when the film shrinks around the packaged goods; UV protection makes the film more durable outdoors. PO films can also consist of several layers.

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