Mini stretch film ("bundle")

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Transparent mini stretch film - the small and practical alternative.

Mini stretch film, also commonly called bundle stretch film, was specially developed for bundling and securing smaller products and goods. It is an effective and safe alternative to adhesive tape in everyday work.

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Attention is paid to the best quality of the foils. The bundling film can easily be stretched without effort and is, however, very tear-resistant. It also has a very high puncture resistance. After securing the goods with several layers of the bundling film, the film is still transparent. This means that your goods are still visible after the load has been secured.

The inside of the bundle stretch film is very adhesive, but unlike adhesive tape, it does not leave any adhesive residue on your product. By stretching and re-stretching the film, optimal transport security is provided and consumption is reduced at the same time.

Another advantage of our bundle stretch film is the protection against dust, dirt and even moisture. By using the hand stretch film, it may be possible to dispense with the use of straps, shipping boxes and folding boxes.

Bundle stretch film made of PE

Stretch films are very hard-wearing, stretchable films based on the material polyethylene (PE). Polyethylene is by far the most commonly used plastic. This material gives the film the ability to stretch extremely without tearing. Despite this stretching, the bundle stretch film is able to adhere very well to one another.
Depending on the mixing ratio, there are different levels of tensile strength and tear strength.

The tube on which the bundling film is rolled has a diameter of 38 mm and therefore fits perfectly on the supplied hand dispenser. On one side, the sleeve protrudes approx. 36 mm beyond the bundling film. The bundle stretch film is offered per box, in which there are 24 rolls of the bundle film. A total of 1200 rolls are transported on a pallet.